Dystopian Utopia

by mooname



released July 24, 2012

Utopian and dystopian fiction:

The utopia and its offshoot, the dystopia, are genres of literature that explore social and political structures. Utopian fiction is the crion of an ideal world, or utopia, as the setting for a novel. Dystopian fiction is the opposite: crion of a nightmare world, or dystopia. Many novels combine both, often as a metaphor for the different directions humanity can take in its choices, ending up with one of two possible futures. Both utopias and dystopias are commonly found in science fiction and other speculative fiction genres, and arguably are by definition a type of speculative fiction.
More than 400 utopian works were published prior to the year 1900 in the English language alone, with more than a thousand others during the twentieth century...

source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utopian_and_dystopian_fiction

For her amazing collaborative work on the cover art,
thank you so much dear friend...

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mooname Lyon, France

an alien who create experimental projects, with analog and virtual sound came from another galaxy and cosmic underground
idm, industrial, darkstep precursor abstract electronic vibration for more creative out of subconscious dimentions

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